Reducing soot can provide cleaner homes for millions and is one of the fastest ways to address climate change.

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Why Soot?

How do we get soot done? We Clean up the fires

The BioLite HomeStove dramatically improves biomass combustion and reduces soot by 90% while simultaneously converting waste heat from the fire into usable electricity. For families cooking over open fires with little or no access to power, this is a game changer.

In 2016, help us Change 50,000 Homes

We’re replacing 50,000 fires next year with the clean-burning HomeStove leading to healthier families and a healthier planet. It’s going to take a lot of work to Get Soot Done, but together, we can make it happen.

Here's How We'll Get There

To date, BioLite has sold over 10,000 HomeStoves across India and Sub-Saharan Africa. We’re ready to do a lot more and we have three key initiatives that will make us go faster and further in 2016: Reach, Training, and Financing.

The dollars from your purchase today will be directly re-invested into these efforts that build self-sustaining markets for scalable impact.

Get Soot Done in 2016

We use a model we call Parallel Innovation: purchases from the BioLite Shop help us fund our work in India and sub-Saharan Africa. That means gear for you = good for the world.

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Beyond soot - the power of Better Energy Everywhere

When a family replaces a smoky cooking fire with a BioLite HomeStove, the effect goes far beyond the flame. Meet some of them here:

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Share the stats

CO2 can take a century. SOOT can take a week. Let’s #GetSootDone to curb #ClimateChange.

Cookfires produce more soot than all the cars in the world. #GetSootDone

The soot from a cookfire is like smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. #GetSootDone

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  • Why Soot? What about CO2?

    CO2 is really important: we will not solve climate change without addressing CO2 and other greenhouse gases. However, meaningful CO2 reductions will take years, as it takes upwards of a century for carbon dioxide to fully cycle through the atmosphere. In addition, combating CO2 requires expensive, complex solutions and unprecedented commitments from governments and global corporations.

    In the meantime, there is something we as individuals can do right now to curb climate change that can have an immediate impact on both people and the planet. We can support market-based solutions that go after soot, and here at BioLite, that means replacing smoky indoor cooking fires with clean burning stoves. Unlike CO2, Soot cycles out of the atmosphere in as little as two weeks.

  • What is the HomeStove?

    The HomeStove is a low-cost biomass cookstove that converts the heat from the fire into usable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. That energy powers an internal fan that improves combustion through increased airflow, creating a 90% reduction in soot. Surplus electricity goes to a USB port allowing homeowners to charge mobile phones and LED lights. For families cooking over open fires and living with unreliable or no access to electricity, the HomeStove is a game changer.

    BioLite has spent the last five years designing and refining the HomeStove, getting valuable feedback from users in India and Sub-Saharan on its design and performance. To date we have set up three successful programs across India, Ghana, and Uganda and have sold over 10,000 HomeStoves.

  • Is this a one-for-one donation?

    No, and we’ll tell you why: donations can create a cycle of dependency on the donor while building self-sustaining markets can create scalable change.

    When you make a purchase at the BioLite Shop, we’ll take every dollar and re- invest it into initiatives that can bring stoves to many rather than one stove to one household. This means training local salesmen who can support new customers and repair stoves; it means opening up local warehouses that can meet growing demand from rural areas; it means creating a microloan for a family who wants to own a stove but needs a path to get there.

    Every dollar of your purchase goes into these market-building programs that create the foundation for local economies to support the growth of the HomeStove.

  • What happens with purchases made before or after December 11th?

    If you’ve made a purchase before or after December 11th, don’t worry, you’re still helping BioLite #GetSootDone!

    Since the start of our company, purchases from our outdoor recreational community have helped us fund the work we do in emerging markets. Over the course of a year, roughly 50% of every sale from our BioLite Shop get re- invested into our clean cooking programs across India and sub-Saharan Africa.

    Our mission is at the core of our organization and every customer has played a role in bringing clean, affordable energy to families who need it most.

    From December 1st – December 11th, we’re doubling down on that allocation and directing 100% of our sales to emerging markets, giving our community the chance to have double the impact.

  • What does this have to do with Paris Climate Talks and COP21?

    The whole world is watching world leaders come together and talk about promises and plans, for the 21st time, that would take effect in 2050 – we’re ready to do something now.

    And we’re not alone. When we started talking about the idea for #GetSootDone to friends and peers we found that lots of people cared deeply about our planet but felt frustrated that they didn’t have tangible, actionable solutions to do something on a global scale. We march, we petition, we recycle, but to many it still feels like sweeping change will only come from government, drawn out conversations, and messy politics.

    We launched #GetSootDone not as a challenge to the Paris Climate Talks, but as a complement; a way to show individuals that there are near-term solutions at hand that we can engage in while the longer term negotiations play out. We can help families now, one fire at a time, and we can use social enterprise as a powerful engine for scalable change.

  • How can I find more information?

    To stay up to date on BioLite’s progress next year, sign up for our email; we’ll be sharing monthly updates and stories on our progress towards reaching 50,000 households.

    To find more information on soot, climate change, and public health, we recommend these publications and resources:

    World Health Organization Fact Sheet
    Journal of Geophysical Research Black Carbon Report
    Associated Press: India Sees Clean Cooking as Climate Action That Saves Lives
    The New York Times: The Surprising Problem That is The Greatest Environmental Danger to Women and Children
    Global Alliance for Clean CookStoves Impact Areas
    The Gold Standard Black Carbon Methodology